The picture below shows some of the things related to Judaism.

The origins of Judaism

       Sometime between 2000 and 1500 BC a new people appeared in Southwest Asia, they were Hebrews. The Bible traces the Hebrews back to a man named Abraham. God promised to lead Abraham to a new land and make his descendants into a mighty nation. Abraham left Mesopotamia and settled in Cannan. According to the Hebrew Bible a leader named Moses appeared among the Hebrews in Egypt. In 1200 BC God told Moses to lead the Hebrews out of Egypt. Moses led his people out of Egypt in a journey called the Exodus. 

The picture below is a Torah and a Yad . A Yad is a special tool to read a Torah .

The Torah

       The ancient Jews recorded most of their laws in five books, Together these books are called a Torah. The Torah is the most sacred Text of Judaism. Jews believe the contents of the Torah were reveled to Moses by God, people used a special pointer called a yad to read the Torah.  The Torah is the first of three parts of group writtings called the Hebrew bible.  The Torah plays a central role in many Jewish Ceremonies. Nearly every  synagogue, or Jewish house of worship, has at least one Torah. Rabbis, or religous teachers,