Rituals, Practices, and Holidays

The picture below is a Menorah

Rituals, Religion, and Holidays

Judaism is was the first, and is the oldest of the three Monotheistic faiths.  The most important teaching of this religion is that there is one god.  There religion is Judaism.  The most sacred of all Jewish holidays are the High Holy Days.  They are in September, and October.  The first two days they celebrate the start of the start of a new year on the Jewish calendar.  This is called Rosh Hashanah. On the day Yom Kippor which falls soon after, they ask god to forgive them for their sins. They also celebrate Hanukkah. It is an eight day celebration in December which celebrates a victory  that had convinced their ruler to let them keep their religion. The Torah which refers to the Five books of Moses, and is the most sacred text of Judaism.  Jews believe the contents of the Torah were revealed to Moses by god. Jews believe that god is a profit.                                                                                

Jewish Rituals

The Jewish Synagogue is the Jewish house of prayer. Rituals are usually preformed in Jewish Synagogues. Marriage is highly strongly encouraged in Judaism. Jews celebrate  the married life as more holy than an unmarried life, and one must be married in order to become a rabbi. Judaism's high view of marriage is a direct result of its view of the home and family as the center of religious life.  When a child is born his father has to bless him at a ceremony.