the picture below is of Orthodox men celebrating in the streets.


Orthodox Jews
   The Orthodox Jews are the most traditional form of Judaism. They believe that the “Torah” or the Jewish holy book was give to Moses by God himself. They also believe that the Reform and Conservative Jews were adherents. The Conservative Jews don’t except, marriage other them inside their own religion, divorce or conversion that wasn’t practice according to the Jewish Law. They had a Union, called the “Orthodox Union”. They mass produced products that didn’t contain any pork, because in the Jewish faith pork was considered to be unclean. The products were often called “Kosher “.

Reform Jews


Today’s Reform Judaism has somewhat restored some of the aspects that their 19th Century, predecessors abandoned stuff like people hood and the practice of some of the religious rituals. According to 1990 survey, 42% of American Jews categorize them self’s as Reform Jews. They are committed to the full participation of gays and lesbians in synagogue life as well as society at large.  Reform Jews are found in North America and United Kingdom. They also believe that the Jewish beliefs should be modernized and fit in with the surrounding culture.

consertive jews 

  Consertive Jedism , started in the 19th century in Germany. They tried to be a middle group , while still holding Jewish traditions , but still living a modern life style. They bleieve that the bible is the word of God and man. they also dony believe in a sin nature. They are much like the Reform Jews.